About Us

Hi guys, thanks for visiting our site!

The team here at HeadMints.com has one goal in mind, we want to help you freshen your mind!

We have all experienced that sluggishness when our mind just feels a bit sleepy. You know what I mean, those times when you just can’t seem to snap out of that funk. Well, we want to help you kick that feeling to the curb, and get your mind tingling with good minty freshness!

You know that feeling you get when you hear a good joke, and your mind is actively figuring out the punchline, and the great rush that goes through your body when you laugh? Jokes are a great way to jump start your mind, and generally make you feel better about yourself and the world around you. That is why jokes are one of the flavors of “HeadMints” we carry.

Another flavor we keep on hand is riddles. Riddles really get your brain juices flowing as you try to figure out the solution, and there are few feelings better than being the only one in a group to know the answer to a riddle. Our riddle mints will get you thinking and help you give your brain a bit of a workout so that it is fresh and ready for any challenges you may throw at it.

Finally, we keep a selection of great quotes on hand. Some of them may make you laugh, some may make you think, but most of all they should inspire you. When you read a quote that expresses something really well, it just gives you an overpowering sense of clarity. A good quote can clear your mind and help you move forward.

Overall, we hope that the “mints” you find here will make laugh, think, and be inspired. If those things happen, we will have accomplished our goal by helping you “freshen” your mind.

We search high and low to find great mints to add to our site, but we haven’t yet found them all. If you have a favorite “mint” of your own you would like to see on HeadMints.com, it is super easy to tell us about it on our “Submit-A-Mint” page.

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